Ingredients(6-inch cake pan)
Sponge cake 3 middle egg at room temperature
75g granulated sugar
25g cocoa powder
20g cornstarch
cream 100g chocolate at room temperature
100cc fresh cream
for te finish cocoa powder
syrup 25cc water
25g granulated sugar
50cc White Curacao
  • Put a baking sheet on round cake pan
  • chop up the chocolate
  • sifted pouwder (mixed cocoa powder and cornstarch)
  • Preheat the oven 350F. 
sponge cake
  1. beat egg in the bowl and
    mixed granulated sugar little by little
    whip it until getting whitish
  2. mixed add shifted cocoa powder and cornstarch little by little
    (Don't knead!)
  3. Pour it into the cake pan
    Bake cake about 20minutes
  4. Cool completely
  5. three sliced of sponge cake (side sliced)
  6. Syrup
    put water and granulated sugar into the sorce pan.
    it boid down until sugar melt
    add white liqueur into the pan and cool down
1.sponge cake
2.sponge cake

  1. pour whip cream into the sorce pan
    and boild it about 1 or 2 minutes
  2. melt chocolate into the bowl and
    stir it on ice under the bottom of bowl.
    cool until creamy

  1. syrup spread on one of sliced cake.
    chocolate cream spread of it.
  2. pile up another sliced cake
  3. repeat cyrup spread and cream spread
  4. Place the top layer on the cake and
    spread the chocolate cream all over the cake
  5. sprinkle cocoa pwder on the cake