This Cake Thiramisu

powdered green tea Tiramisu(8 cup)
1/2 ts.Powdered sugar
25gcream cheese at room temperature
3 tbs.granulated sugar
25gpowdered green tea
200ccWhipped cream
Mixed 20g of powdered green tea put into the milk.
Dip the biscuit in it.
How to make
  1. Mixed Whipped cream and granulated sugar.
  2. Put into Mascarpone add cream cheese.
    Stir with a wire whisk until blended.
  3. Mixed Cheeses and whipped cream and granulated sugar.
  4. Mixed half of mixed cream cheese and powdered green tea until colored greean.
  5. The bottom of the cup is covered with the dipped biscuit.
  6. Pour green cream cheese into the cup. And arrange on the dipped biscuit.
  7. Pour white cream cheese into it.
  8. FInish, Mixed powdered sugar and powdered green tea. sprinkle it on the cream cheese.
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